Vendor Sponsors:

Sidelines Facebook Image
Host of Tournament Welcoming Party
Sidelines Sports Bar, 4544 So. Blvd., Charlotte, NC

Bar 316
Host of Tournament Closing Party
The BAR at 316, 316 Rensselaer Ave., Charlotte, NC

Storm Products Inc
Storm Products, Inc. - Brigham City, UT


Woodshed Lounge
Woodshed Bar - 4000 Queen City Dr., Charlotte, NC

Special Donations
and Contributions by Individuals:

Strike Sponsors: $150 and more

Ryan Sadler
Chris Catching

Spare Sponsors: $ up to $150

Debra & Kurt Wiesenberger
Gene Tedder
Michael Catching

You can help the Tournament by joining the Strike and Spare Sponsors. Donations in multiples of $10 can be made on-line by using the online PAY TOURNAMENT ITEMS "button" on the REGISTRATION page. The donation will process through the Tournament's Square based accounting system.